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EuroCupGT Steering & Suspension Components

Adjustable Tension Control Arms All models 1997 onwards

EuroCupGT uprated front suspension tension bars replace the cast aluminium arms & allow for neutral adjustment when setting up your cars geometry. The rubber bushing is replaced with a Rose Joint to allow for more accurate handling.

Fits the following:

All Boxster 986 Models Front and Rear
All 996 Models Front and Rear
997 Models inc GT3 & Turbo Rear Only
All Boxster 987 & Cayman Models Rear Only

Price:  £293.80 / 346.68  (exc. VAT at 20%)

EuroCupGT Rear Adjustable Toe Link Arm Kit

Adjusts camber & dials in the toe for the rear of the car, these adjustable toe links are design to give you a more responsive rear end along with the ability to dial in the toe on the rear end more precisely.

Fits the following:

All Boxster 986 Models
All 996 Models inc GT3 & Turbo
997 all Models inc GT3 & Turbo Gen1 and Gen2
All Boxster 987 & Cayman Models Gen1 and Gen2

Price:  £316.80 / 373.82  (exc. VAT at 20%)